Welcome to Northview Meadow Co-operative Homes Inc.

phone: (905) 721-8370

fax number: (905) 721-8382

How To Apply

Everyone is welcome to apply.

All applicants must agree to a credit check, attend an interview(If over the age of 16), and provide references. We are members of the Housing Access Centre (Durham Region), which maintains a centralized waiting list for housing throughout Durham Region. All applications submitted to Northview will be forwarded to our satellite office (Durham Non-Profit) for processing. Below are some steps to help guide you though the application process if you have any inquires on units please visit the unit page here. For any other questions or concerns please contact the office at 905.721.8370

1: The Application Form

There are two types of applications, market rent and rent-geared-to-income. For market rent please print an application, fill out and deliver it to the Co-op office (all applicable areas must be filled out or the application will be considered incomplete). Click to Download. 

For those that are interested in rent-geared-to-income you must apply through the Durham Region's wait list. You must also complete another application form in addition to the standard co-op form found Here.

Please Note: Only Durham Region can approve rent-geared-to-income housing, not the Co-op.

 To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, see the Adobe web site

2: The Interview

All adults(16 and up) must come to the interview. Here you will receive more information about our Co-op and be able to ask questions. You will be asked to provide proof of your income.

4: Move-in

The balance of the first months’ housing charge, the member deposit and membership fees are due before move-in and must be paid by certified cheque, money order, Visa or Interac. Cash is not accepted as a form of payment

Co-operative Principals

  • Open membership
  • Democratic control
  • Economic participation
  • Independence
  • Co-operative education
  • Co-operation with other Co-ops
  • Community

The Co-op has 2 apartment buildings and 77 townhouses surrounding two central parks.

There are 261 housing units consisting of:

90 - 1 bedroom apartments
94 - 2 bedroom apartments
6 - 2 bedroom townhouses
47 - 3 bedroom townhouses
24 - 4 bedroom townhouses

1 Bedroom $966
2 Bedroom $1,137

2 Bedroom $1089 + Utilities
3 Bedroom $1,152 + Utilities
4 Bedroom $1,207 + Utilities

Prices include $45 per month Cable TV and $5 per month sector support. (To be changed based on end month prices)

Members also pay:

  • a one time membership fee of $20.00 for each member
  • a member deposit of 100% of the unit charge

The member deposit will be returned to members when they vacate if they owe no money to the Co-op and there is no damage to the vacated unit..

The Co-op is close to a shopping mall that includes venues such as a park, the North Oshawa library, and a Community Centre.

We began occupancy in December 1992.

The people who live in the Co-op will be Co-op members. Members will own and manage it co-operatively. The members will elect their own Board of Directors and make democratic decisions about how the Co-op is run.

We are looking for responsible people who want a voice in their housing and who will take pride in their homes. Ours will be a community based on a wide range of experiences and lifestyles.